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We providing management, promotion, booking, servicing, and public relations services.

We take pride in our individualized relationships with our clients.

Our goal is to build a long-term foundation for significant and sustainable growth with each of the artists we represent.


You’re making great music, writing, arranging, rehearsing, practicing, and working on your stage show.

You’re also the band manager, the concert promoter, stage manager, booking agent, record sales executive,

public relations liason, and new media manager.

Unfortunately, there is only one of you.

While you are trying to reach out to A&R representatives, or music industry executives, your set is getting stale and your fans

are wondering what happened to you.

While you are working on booking, songs are going unwritten, and your latest album release is being delayed.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider taking it to the


It’s time to consider artist or band management

While you are working on making more great music, an artist manager is contacting people

on your behalf who can help advance your career and create new opportunities.

When the music is ready, the artist manager provides the introductions to important people in the music business,

to producers and studios, and is keeping an eye on the”behind the scenes” goings-on in the music industry.

Each and every day, you have someone on your team working to make you, your face, and your work, the focus of the entire world.


We can help you in management, marketing, event production and web promotion,

World wide music agency has the expertise to grow an artist’s career.


The type of manager that I bring up here is called the Anglo-Saxon (English) context for the"Personal Manager"-Sometimes even " ArtistManager "

- and is the person that ends up closest to the artist in all matters relating to the artist's career.

The manager is the highest officer in the artist's " empire " , subject only artist himself,

and has a mandate to run the empire ( the artist's career ) against specific targets - like the pilot of an airplane.


As the manager usually has a mandate to be responsible for( lead ) the artist's career into a whole and represent the artist in ANY career issues,

becoming one of the primary data to identify and cooperate with appropriate agencies and / or impresario ,

to which the manager indirectly become principals.



We will answer absolutely YES -

The need for amanager depends entirely on what objectives artist has for his career and / or how much

time the artist is in his career.

The higher the set goals and visions for their careers,

the more time the artist must pay for himself and his artistry and let the manager take care of necessary

tasks around the artist's career.

If / when the career development and popularity grows, the artist eventually need someone who is

overall " eye on their careers " and to be responsible for further development , advancement , economic

and legal affairs , and so on.



To a collaboration between artist and manager at all required to be maintained primarily mutual trust

and respect .

Industry Metaphorically called the manager sometimes to the artist's alter ego ( his other selves )

, which in a way to emphasize the importance of an efficient , harmonious society work .

Cooperation work intends to jointly develop and achieve specific objectives in the artist's career / development , following an agreement.

Here , therefore ,trust ,respect and loyalty particularly important role : the artist expects the manager

works his knowledge in a professional and competent manner , without in any way put the artist in

circumstances directly contrary to morality and honor.

Conversely , expects manager exactly the same of the artist. More or less , " bestfriend " relationship.

One of the manager's main task is to listen to the artist and be on hand to offer support and encouragement in most situations ,

and it does not necessarily exclude that also related to the artist privately.



In general , therefore , the manager's role to assist the artist with any assistance reasonably necessary to

develop and enhance the artist's career.

Including generating interest and involvement of outside persons / companies with a view to establish

the artist in their respective markets.

The artist can be more or less expected, among others


* develop an image that represents the artist in the best way

* assist the artist in creative issues: selection of song choices, musicians, producers, recording studios, etc.

* supervise / oversee marketing and advertising

* negotiating with record labels, music publishers, production companies, etc.

* plan and execute any. tours, designate appropriate teams


* appoint suitable auditors, agents and other necessary industry officials

* legal / economic guidance

* our artists ( booking ) agent

* market the artistas a composer / author (music publishers)


* Publisher


Whether you are a National or International Artist World wide music agency is the Artist Management

Company for you


World wide music agency works with artists, managers, record companies, tech companies, Radios and

others in the music industry to help shape, define and implement their strategies and goals worldwide.


If you are serious about taking your music career to the


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