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Below you can read about our business concept

and what we do for the Artist and the customer




All promotion segments can be booked individually or in any combination.

For a combination of different promotion segments we’ll gladly make an individual offer.


Should the agreed promotion material (CDs, Bios, photos, etc.) be late, that means we recei- ve it after the agreed date, we will take no responsibility for the extent of the results that are achieved by us.


The agreed package fee has to be paid 100% at the beginning of the Promotion.


Postage and packing will be charged separately with each promotion.


All prices are excluding 25% VAT which has to be added to the final invoice, except if the clients business location is in the EU and the client has a valid EU TAX/VAT number or the clients business location is outside the EU (no TAX/VAT number nee- ded).


Call us, we gladly make you an individual offer!

Label Promotion

- Getting Signed.

we have helped many unsigned acts with labels over the years.

Could you be next ? We Certainly hope so.


- We will contact the record companies Worldwide and introduce you and your music and trying to get a record contract to you.

You get a list of all the record companies that are contacted and all the answers and any contract will be sent to you from us.



1 week and 15 Record Labels ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 330,- GBP:259,- USD: 366,- SEK: 3.071,-

2 week and 15-25 Record Labels ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 480,- GBP: 376,- USD: 532,- SEK: 4.467,-

3 week and 25-40 Record Labels ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 750,- GBP: 588,- USD: 832,- SEK: 6.937,-


Management agreement

- World Wide Music Management Agreement

Read more under the manager in the menu above.


Starting fee ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 864,- GBP: 679,- USD: 960,- SEK: 8.000,-



*develop an image that represents the artist in the best way

* assist the artist in creative issues: selection of song choices, musicians, producers, recording studios, etc.

* supervise / oversee marketing and advertising

* negotiating with record labels, music publishers, production companies, etc.

* plan and execute any. tours, designate appropriate teams

* appoint suitable auditors, agents and other necessary industry officials

* legal / economic guidance

* our artists ( booking ) agent

* market the artistas a composer / author (music publishers)

Artwork Service



Based on your artwork files and the specification from the pressing company we create print ready PDF files for direct reproduction. We also include all codes and optional logos into the artwork.

The basic service includes your finished artwork in Photoshop, Illustrator or Indesign Format to be put together in print ready PDF files. The complete artwork design includes your ideas and raw footage as well as text files to be includes in a new artwork.


Basic service price (excl. VAT 25%) EUR 350,- GBP: 274,- USD: 388,- SEK: 3.237,-


Complete artwork design price (excl. VAT 25%): EUR 550,- GBP: 431,- USD: 610,- SEK: 5.087,-

Album Reviews

- Album Reviews in magazine

They will be sent to magazines like Classic Rock Magazine, Classic Rock Society, Kerrang, Metal Hammer,

Powerplay, Iron Fist Magazine, Fireworks,etc, etc.

This also includes a track on the Fireworks CD sampler and Interviews.


20 x Cds

20 x Printed bio sheets

If bios are not included we cannot send the Cds out.


Price (excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 255,- GBP: 200,- USD: 283,- Swe: 2.356,-




About 20 countries will receive your Music digital with the a presentation and image of you.

The client receives Radiolist and countrylist.

Period of Promotion: 1 week


Price (excl VAT 25% ) EUR 165,- GBP: 129,- USD:183,- SEK1.526,-

Swedish radio MP

we put out your music in Sweden's MRP

This is a collection site for all swedish radio stations, where they can listen to your song.

all Swedish radio stations and media visiting this site daily to find new songs they like and if any radio or media like your song, they downloaded your song to their radio stations and you are on the Swedish air.


price ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR: 183,- GBP: 144,- USD: 204,- SEK: 1.700,-

NEWS xxx

coming soon

we expose the artist to the world´s largest music community,

we get your music to the people who matter in radio, press, Tv, film and beyond.

With over 500 million deliveries in the trusted service used by all major labels


coming soon

Price ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR: GBP: USD: SEK:

Radio Promotion



About 100-150 sound carriers will be specifically sent to all relevant radio stations and editors across Germany. The client receives playlists of radio stations and updates.

This contains: Dispatch of sound carriers, re-sampling, raffles, inclusion in the Newsletter, tour dates, coordi- nation of interviews on tour.


Period of Promotion: 6 weeks


Basic-Promotion Germany

(Focus: regional and genre specific channels and Internet Radios)

Price (excl. VAT 25%): EUR 1010,- GBP: 792,- USD: 1.121,- SEK: 9.342,-



(Basic Promotion plus all major private and public broadcasters)

Price (excl. VAT 25%): EUR 1.790,- GBP: 1.405,- USD: 1.987,- SEK: 16.556,-


(can vary depending on the size of the distributor)

Tour Booking UK



- Basic Tour Booking

5 Bookings in UK Price ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 541,- GBP: 424,- USD: 600,- SEK: 5.000,-

Every other booking EUR 75,- (excl. VAT)


- Exclusive Tour Booking

including the booking of hotels, flights, etc.

5 Bookings in UK price (excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 709,- GBP: 556,- USD: 787,- SEK: 6.550,-


Every other booking EUR 75,- GBP:58,- USD: 83,- SEK: 693,- (excl. VAT)


Tour Booking Sweden



- Basic Tour Booking

5 Bookings in SWE Price ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 486,- GBP: 381,- USD: 540,- SEK: 4.500,-

Every other booking EUR 75,- (excl. VAT)


- Exclusive Tour Booking

including the booking of hotels, flights, etc.

5 Bookings in SWE price (excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 594,- GBP: 466,- USD: 660,- SEK: 5.500,-


Every other booking EUR 75,- GBP:58,- USD: 83,- SEK: 693,- (excl. VAT)

Tour Booking Germany



- Basic Tour Booking

5 Bookings Price ( excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 541,- GBP: 424,- USD: 600,- SEK: 5.000,-

Every other booking EUR 75,- (excl. VAT)


- Exclusive Tour Booking

including the booking of hotels, flights, etc.

5 Bookings price (excl.VAT 25% ) EUR 709,- GBP: 556,- USD: 787,- SEK: 6.550,-


Every other booking EUR 75,- GBP:58,- USD: 83,- SEK: 693,- (excl. VAT)

Tour Bookings in

other countries

Call or Email us, we gladly make you an individual offer for others Countries

Press & Online Promotion

- Basic-Promotion - Coming Soon

- Exclusive Promotion


Germany + selected additional countries (Austria, Switzlerland)

Covers about 70-150 release CDs, which will be sent purposefully to general music and gen- re related magazines, city magazines and the daily press (e.g. for tour locations). The client regularly gets promotion updates and access to online resources.



• Physical promo submission to magazines, fanzines, city- and trademagazines etc. • Physical & digital promo submission to online magazines and other music sources

• Follow-Up research for promotion results

• Booking of soundchecks in the relevant magazines, if needed

• Interview acquisition and coordination (see additional interview price list below)

• Announcement of tour- and concert events through press newsletters

• Newsletters for any single/album release within the promotion time period as well as rele- vant general artist/band news.


After completion of the promotion the client receives a comprehensive press kit as well as a full download access to the artist promo server incl. all results.


Period of Promotion: 12 weeks Price (excl. VAT 25%):

EUR 1.790,- GBP: 1.405,- USD: 1.987,- SEK: 16.556,-


Additional european promotion campaign incl. France, Italy, Spain, Benelux as well as other countries with about 50-80 release CDs.


Price (excl. VAT 25%): EUR 990,- GBP: 777,- USD: 1.099,- SEK: 9.157,-

Tour Promotion Germany


Focus: local media partners in tour cities


Composed of:

• local and national announcement of tour dates with short biography of the artist through newsletters to all relevant media partners in press, radio and online magazines (e.g. Rock Hard, Metal Hammer, Guitar, Rock Times, Musikreviews.de, Break Out, Rock It, Hooked On Music, SWR Radio, WDR Radio, HR Radio, NDR Radio, etc.


• extra advice of the tour dates in newspapers, event magazines, online-platforms and radio- stations of the tourcities, related to selective sampling of media with the artists current sound carrier

• follow up telephonic and via e-mail

• customer acquisition of preannouncements and interviews

• forwarding interview requests the client

• raffles of sound carriers, merchandise and concert-tickets if desired and material available

• invitation of media partners to events

• interview coordination

• 14-day updates for the client (more often if necessary)

• Preparation of a digital press report with all evidences and playlists for the client

• Integration to the monthly newsletter addressed to the media contacts


Required material:

- sufficient sound carriers, merchandise-articles or other raffle-material

- 2 Band-pictures as jpg-file format with 300dpi, Band biography, Tourdates


Duration of the promotion: starting 4-8 weeks before Tour-beginning & ends at its finish.

Price (excl. VAT 25%): EUR 950,- GBP: 745,- USD: 1.054,- SEK: 8.787,-

for up to 5 shows


Every other date EUR 75,- GBP: 58,- USD: 83,- SEK: 693,- (excl. VAT)

Artist Support Service

Coming Soon

Our business concept is simple


We take care of everything - and we do it in a way that strengthens the Artist.


Our business strategy besides distribution of entertainment and music also includes our emerging Artist Services,

such as offers management,

merchandise, touring, bookings manager, fan clubs, gig hunters, sponsorships, trademark collaboration

and other solutions that create

new ways for Artist to market themselves and create demand that leads to more jobs / gigs simultaneously creating new ways for

consumers to get close to the music and artists


simple - we work for the artist


World Wide Music Management

a music and entertainment company based in Stockholm


The company work with all types of artists and event customers world wide.

we are here to promote You and represent You and all kinds of artists, Dj´s, bands, solo artists, etc,

and producers within the music industry and entertainment industry.


Artist Services:

Management, Agents, Producer, Artist Discovery, Bookings Manager, Merchandise, Touring, Fan Clubs, Gig Hunters,

Sponsorships, Trademark Collaboration, Marketing, Studio Recording, Billing, Recruitment, Payroll Management, Booking Contracts, Event Packets, etc.

we work with the following:

songwriters, music producers, musicians, record labels, magazine, radio stations,

promoters, managers, agents, event customers worldwide.


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