About us

A Management company


Providing Management, Promotion, Press, Booking, Servicing and Public relations services.

We take pride in our individualized with our clients.

Our goal is to build a long-term Foundation for significant and sustainable growth with each of the artists we represent.


While You are working on booking, Songs are going unwitten, and your latest album release is being delayed.


If this sounds familiar, it may be time to consider taking it to the next level.

It´s time to consider artist och band management.


We can help you in management, marketing, event production and promotion.

World Wide Music Management has the expertise to grow an artist´s career.


Whether you are a National och Intemational artist.

World wide Music Management is the artist

management Company for you.


Read more about management in the menu where it says Manager.


World wide Music Management works with artists, manager, record companies, press, teck companies and others in the Music industry.


If YOU are serious about taking your Music career to the NEXT LEVEL, tell us a bit about yourself.


Today the company work with all types of artists and event customers world wide.

we are here to promote YOU and represent YOU and all kinds of artists, Band, Dj´s, Solo artists and Producers within the music industry and the entertainment industry.


Artist Discovery:

we are always looking for new unsigned artists world wide so please send us your Demo with a picture of you to : demos@ce-entertainment.se


Look around and ENJOY the artist




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